Monday, September 28, 2009

Down Home with Mike And Yolanda

Mike and I were watching 'Down Home with the Neely's' Sunday morning and all day, we KNEW what we were having for dinner!

We made 'Pat's Old School Onion Rings' and the 'Memphis Beale Street Burger' and they were mmm mmmm good!

Recipe Amendies:
We made the recipe pretty much exactly how it states but we:
  •  Used Lettuce to wrap our burgers
  • Nixed the bacon (I don't dine on swine)
  • Substituted Pepper Jack cheese for Cheddar
  • Used RED HOT hot sauce
  • Substituted the cayenne powder for the Red Hot, same amounts
  • Used TONY CHICARONNI'S as our seasoned salt
  • Didn't have any dry rub 
  • Nixed the Cole Slaw 
  • Patted any excess oil off the Onion Rings

Warning, Forego the diet for the night ladies, It is ABSOLUTELY worth it. But, I'll tell you, wrapping the burgers in lettuce makes it feel really light in your belly and the Onion rings weren't heavy or too greasy either.

Our Dinner went from this:

To This:


OOH... and some pics of the Master Chefs! Yes, I was wearing my Game Day Tom Brady Jersey!

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