Monday, September 28, 2009

Babyshower Time!

AWWW!!! I guess it is something in the water but I have three friends that are having babies in December, January AND February!

The First Babyshower is coming up October 10th, so I decided to start making baby Julieta her presents! Oh, and don't think I forgot about Mommy, after nannying for so many years, I know mommy needs a gift herself when there is a newborn in the house!

Julieta's Presents:
  • Fleece Beanie with Pretty Girly Stuff
  • Good & Plenty themed Crocheted Beanie with PomPom
  • Onesie w/Ruffle Skirt on bum
Mommy's Present:
  • A Lavender Rice Eye Mask, 
You can heat it for a minute in the microwave
to soothe any aches and you can put it in the freezer
to use it as either an ice pack
or to put on your eyes to calm them and reduce bags!

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