Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Time Flowers

I must say I love summer time.

Here in Vail we are surrounded by the most beautiful colors and as a scrapbooker, I must admit, I love the vibrancy in them all!

For my birthday, I received some lovely flowers from my friend and they looked so beautiful on my table but kind of full.

I noticed that our coffee table was bare and that there was a spare coca-cola bottle laying around our house (that was because our roommate doesn't seem to know we throw away trash when were done with it).
So, I remembered my Vineyard days and made this.

My mom sent me a tea kettle for my birthday and of course, there is a red sox decal on our window (because they are the best baseball team).

Anyhoo, I see this picture and I think Vineyard and I love it!!!



melissa said...

aww great picture! very Martha Vineyard-ish!! (love the part bout the

... and its cute! said...

Haha! yes, it is true though. sigh.